Will Ted Thompson use the final rounds of the draft to wheel and deal? Raymond T. Rivard photograph


With the draft continuing today, what should the Packers do with their picks?
Trade them for better picks.
It may cost a lot to trade up, but it’s worth the risk.
One has to look back no further than two years ago to see why. Coming off a depressing 5-11 season, the first season without Favre, the Packers entered the draft with several needs. After selecting B.J. Raji ninth overall, Ted Thompson felt it necessary to draft quality over quantity. He proceeded to trade the Packers’ second and third round picks (along with the Jets’ third round pick received for Brett Favre) to the Colts for the 26th overall pick.
He drafted Clay Matthews.
Enough said.
The real reason the Packers should trade up in these later rounds is because they are already blessed with depth. It takes a lot of quality depth to win the Super Bowl and with 15 players on injury reserve, the Packers proved their depth. The Packers have few needs, and they do not need to worry about having enough quality backups.
The first thing to be addressed should be the running back situation.
At this point, it’s a bit muddy as to who will emerge as the starter. If they are fine with Ryan Grant, Brandon Jackson, and James Starks, then they don’t need a running back. However, if there is any question as to the quality of the running game, then running backs should be at the top of the draft board.
The next need is defensive secondary. The Packers’ secondary is really good, fifth overall in pass defense last season. However, the minimum age of the four starters (Woodson, Williams, Collins, and Bigby) is 28. Charles Woodson, the Defensive Player of the Year in the 2009-10 season, is 34. The Packers need somebody in the near future to add some youth to the secondary.
The third position the Packers should look to is more offensive linemen. The Packers’ two main tackles in previous years were Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton. They are 33 and 34, respectively. The Packers do have a few young tackles, but the only one with real experience is Bryan Bulaga, drafted last year in the first round.
A big factor in how the Green Bay Packers perform next season is how Ted Thompson makes his decisions in the draft. There are many different options he can consider, but the best choice is to trade up for a better first round pick.

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