Teenagers are particularly susceptible to the world of drugs and alcohol. Whether it’s due to peer pressure, life strains, or pure curiosity, substance abuse happens to be a popular area of experimentation for young people. It’s very important to recognize warning signs of drug and alcohol abuse with teenagers in particular because if discouraged from using early, then they have far better likelihood of staying abstinent from drugs and alcohol and continue to live full and happy lives. On the other hand, if they are not, they are under a greater risk of creating addictive problems that negatively influence them in the future. Teenagers who have developed a dependency ought to be sent to an outstanding addiction treatment center where they can receive medical care like the one found at https://www.thewatershed.com/treatment/services/medical-care/. If parents or guardians can identify signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse, then they can intervene before their abuse becomes a real addiction.


It’s not a secret that well-balanced adolescents are preoccupied with their over-all appearance; from the wardrobe they dress in to the way that they elect to style their hair. As substance abuse raises, people normally cease caring about the way they look. Their skin may begin to indicate signs of harmful behavior by looking paler or discolored. They might also stop caring a lot about cleanliness which may be manifested by the way they appear and smell.


Teenagers tend to be interested in several extracurricular pursuits which may include, sports, afterschool work, school related activities and other wholesome hobbies. Your teen could be demonstrating signs of substance abuse by caring less about hobbies that they were once passionate about. They could choose to begin spending time with what you may label a “rough crowd” that is detrimentally affecting the child. Maybe they quit attending household functions such as festive events or church. You may also notice or find out that they are cutting school on a more regular basis without telling you or informing the school as to why.

Mood Swings

Teenagers do normally tend to be a more moody demographic. Their bodily hormones are fluctuating, and they’re experiencing some major life adjustments during this time period that may seriously influence their attitude. However, you’ll notice particular actions that a person using a drug will start to make apparent. These mannerisms are dependent upon the kind of drug that they’re abusing. Several drugs may cause them to be incredibly manic, while others cause them to be extremely lethargic. The manner in which talk and behave could appear extremely unreasonable and impulsive.

Pocket Money

This is another area that could be a little tricky in regards to teenagers. It is extremely common for teenagers to ask their mothers and fathers for money when they wish to go to a movie, buy clothes, or go to some sort of costly function. Parents should use their own discernment, but if your teen isn’t informing you what they are using their money for, or they’re asking for a lot of cash on a regular basis, then you definitely do have reason to become suspicious. Also, teenagers who are using have been known to steal from their fathers and mothers. In the early phases, this will sometimes just be small cash from wallets and bags, but can eventually develop into high-priced items around the house.

A normal teenager can be extremely unstable and display erratic, suspect behaviors naturally. Even so, as a result of how vulnerable and subjected young adults are to drugs and alcohol, it’s preferable to be safe than sorry. If they are displaying these symptoms of substance abuse, then it’s important to intervene early so as to keep them from constructing a more dangerous addiction. For details about an outstanding substance abuse treatment center, go to https://www.thewatershed.com/resource/drug-addiction-treatment-clinic/.

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