During the last decade, more and more services have become available on the internet. It is now far more typical for individuals to get education on the net where they’re able to do the classes from their own home. A new organization called Lionrock Recovery has a very similar idea to help those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction who do not wish to go to rehabs in Florida for treatment. The company gives addicts an opportunity to go through a “shame free” treatment program right from the comfort of their own homes. The concept has triggered loads of controversy in the recovery community over whether it’s a great idea or a scam that will allow individuals to remain in denial regarding their addictions.

Advantages of Virtual Rehabilitation

There are lots of perceived advantages of undergoing drug or alcohol addiction therapy by way of at home video sessions. Typical drug rehab plans normally require the individuals to check into a facility for a number of weeks and reside there while they go through treatment and counseling. Digital rehabilitation can be a more convenient alternative for individuals with extremely chaotic schedules who have lots of work and family responsibilities which they can’t leave for several weeks at a time. The online program also gives the individuals a place to recuperate in where they don’t feel as uncomfortable and judged by others. Another benefit to this kind of therapy is the cost. Visiting a rehab facility and residing there while receiving treatment could cost more than a thousand dollars per day. The online rehab program is likely a lot more inexpensive.

Where Digital Rehab Fails To Deliver

All of the perceived benefits of an online rehabilitation program don’t occur without a number of potential drawbacks and criticisms of the concept. Some argue that staying at home and proceeding through rehabilitation is ineffective since it allows the abuser to stay in the environment they’re comfortable with abusing alcohol and drugs in. While attempting to recover from the comfort of their own home, it is much easier to not take the therapy seriously and stick to the steps essential to overcome an addiction. A lot of recovery experts are suspicious of this system simply because they know how challenging it really is to recover from addiction and it really should not be a simple, comfy process. It takes a complete alteration of behavior to kick most addictions, and digital rehabilitation has no way to guarantee that personality modification.

Just like online schools, online rehabilitation is not for everybody but its good to see that individuals are developing innovative ideas for the recovery community. Certainly individuals who have a serious alcohol or drug addiction will most likely need help from conventional live-in facility, such as those that are available at rehabs in Florida. One of the solutions offered by Lionrock is treatment referral for people who need inpatient care. Even so, for those who have genuinely busy lives and can’t afford to take some time off from their work and family commitments, perhaps virtual recovery is the answer.

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