Recently, a new pain killer has been produced that is being dubbed the next ‘super drug’. Prescription pain medications are the most serious drug epidemic in the us today, accounting for even more fatalities than crack, heroin and crystal meth combined each year. The brand-new pill, commercially referred to as Zohydro ER is basically 100% pure hydrocodone that’s intended to be an extended release tablet to ease pain all day. Hydrocodone based medications that exist by means of prescriptions right now are Vicodin and Oxycontin which are the nations 1st and 2nd-most abused prescription medications. Zohydro ER features 10 times as much hydrocodone in each pill than Vicodin. If the new drug passes through the FDA and becomes obtainable by prescription, the nation might face a major drug epidemic.

Looking for Approval From The Food and Drug Administration

Zongenix, the organization driving Zohydro ER plans to make over half a billion dollars in profits annually if the pill gets endorsement by the FDA. However, that will probably not occur. Recently, the FDA’s advisory board voted virtually unanimously in opposition to the drug. The final decision by the FDA on whether or not the pill should enter the market will most likely be made in March even so the large level of resistance by the advisory panel could make it hard for the drug to make it to the market. The FDA remembers just how bad they got stung years ago after they approved OxyContin and opiate abuse in america exploded, and they now hope to avoid falling into the same pitfall.

Benefits Of The Brand-new Super Pain Killer

The researchers and reps at Zogenix have argued that Zohydro was made to last four times longer than other pain relievers like Vicodin and Oxycontin. The 12 hour length of the drugs effectiveness will allow patients to simply have to take the pill maybe once or twice each day rather than requiring several dosages per day. These seem like genuine benefits of the pill, however when thought about using the perspective of an addict, the high dose of the drug can be disastrous. In contrast to the new OxyNeo and other solutions to prescription drug abuse that are new formulations that turn ‘gummy’ when crushed to prevent insufflation (snorting) or injecting the pill, Zohydro does not have any safeguards to prevent abuse. The most frightening notion is that if this drug is smashed and insufflated or taken intravenously it contains an extremely high dosage of hydrocodone that an overdose will almost be assured. Many members of the Food and Drug Administration advisory board were very unconvinced that this kind of pill was even needed and contended that the risks of the drug over-shadow the potential benefits by a landslide.

Luckily, for the time being, Zohydro does not seem to have a very good chance of making it in the marketplace when it pops up for consent in March. Prescription drug addiction will still be a significant problem in the nation if the Food and Drug Administration starts approving painkillers which are 10 x stronger than OxyContin and Vicodin. Hopefully prescription drug developers will concentrate on making the drugs more difficult to abuse with more products like OxyNeo.

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