Prescription drug addiction is not a new problem in the U . S ., it has been prevalent for over a decade now, and still shows virtually no indications of slowing. The Cdc has declared prescription drug addiction to be at epidemic levels, with more than 100 people passing away as a result of overdose every single day in america. The Center for disease control additionally revealed more people pass away from prescription medication overdose than from crack and heroin put together. A new investigation by the Controlled Substances Workgroup has estimated more teens will abuse opioid painkillers as well as other illegal prescriptions than may smoke weed this year. This signifies a huge social change for drug use and it is rather alarming. In 2012 over 20 % of high schoolers in Wisconsin admitted to using illegal prescription drugs.

Extraordinary Change in Addiction Treatment

Just a decade ago, the vast majority of patients engaged in addiction treatment programs were in rehab for alcohol addiction. Very few had been in therapy for being hooked on prescription drugs like pain relievers. By last year, almost half of the patients treated for substance abuse had been addicted to opiate based painkillers like Vicodin, Oxycontin, Morphine and Percocet. These types of addictions are becoming more and more common and lots of people are still not aware of the risks of using prescription medications. A lot of people still assume that prescription medications are harmless since they’re doctor prescribed and are generally obtained from your neighborhood pharmacy in a nice prescription bottle. These drugs are generally more hazardous than almost all drugs that can be purchased on the streets from sketchy dealers.

The Push to Make Prescribed Drugs Harder to Abuse

There’s been a lot of pressure placed on pharmaceutical manufacturers recently to make their pills harder to abuse. The most typical method in which many individuals abuse prescription drugs is by insufflating them, or crushing the pill to a tiny powder then snorting it. Another method is to crush the capsule into a powder and blend it with water and then heat it into a homogenous liquid then inject it straight into the veins. The pressure is on the pharmaceutic companies to make the drugs more difficult to crush into a powder. Not too long ago, Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer behind Oxycontin, have created OxyNeo, which happens to be a lot more difficult to crush than the initial formulation.

The rise in prescription drug abuse amongst teenagers and adolescents is quite scary. Inspite of changes in the formulation of some prescription drugs like Oxycontin that make it harder to crush and insufflate the pill there are still increasingly more teenagers who are abusing prescription drugs. Ideally pharmaceutical drug companies will continue to make changes to their formulas to prevent individuals from overdosing from the drug. The United States Of America is experiencing a crisis that is directly related to prescription drugs. More people now undergo substance abuse treatment for drugs like vicodin and oxycontin than for alcohol addiction.

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