Networking system of information and challenges in the use of ICT

Group and mass communication, nterpersonal and Intrapersonal Communication Skills, Key communicators and their role in animal husbandry development. Acquiring communication skills for development of local leaders and key communicators for livestock development. Organizational communication. Rapport building with clientele. Problems and barriers in communication; distortion and noise in communication. Importance of feedback in veterinary extension, impact analysis of extension programmes.

Unit 2: Extension Methods & Farm JournalismConcepts of teaching and learning processes–principles of learning as applied to agricultural extension. Individual, group and mass approaches in extension, audio-visual aids- classification, selection, use and production. Traditional media for communication in development programmes. Modularized communication- concept, approach, need, process of designing instruction for transfer of communication. Basics of agricultural journalism, types of publications – bulletins, folders, leaflets, booklets, newsletters, popular and scientific articles. Selection, planning and use of different extension teaching methods like demonstration, exhibition, farmers fairs, field days, tours, extension literature, etc. Preparation and presentation of different projected and non-projected audio-visual aids. Public speaking. Preparation of radio/video script. Principles of photography and its use in extension.

Unit 3: Information Communication Technologies (ICT)Concept of ICT and its role in agriculture and rural development. ICT tools- print and electronic media, e-mail, Internet, use of multimedia, use of mobile phony, video and teleconferencing, computer-assisted instructions, touch screens, micro-computers, web technologies and information kiosks. Networking system of information and challenges in the use of ICT. E-learning, information resources, sharing and networking. Types of net work – PAN, LAN, WAN, Internet, AGRINET, AKIS, Indian National Agricultural Research database. ICT programmes in livestock development, Problems and prospects of ICTs in livestock development, Digitisation, Simulation models, Utilization of Internet for promoting advanced veterinary and animal husbandry practices; communication with rural, semi-urban and urban livestock owners.

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