Team captain Eric Otwal said it was John’s arrival in 2009

When you train here, it doesn’t matter where you work, it doesn’t matter where you worship, we come as a team, we come as one family,” said Ngurugwe.

“We have so many young kids in the team with great potential; we even have players who have played in different leagues in Kenya,” he added

Team captain Eric Otwal said it was John’s arrival in 2009 that gave the small group of players the chance to grow.

‘About six of us used to play every week,’ he said. ‘It was a way to enjoy our day off and we’d discuss family and work issues, sharing what’s going on in the world.

‘We used to play friendlies until John came. When he joined the team, he came up with new ideas. At first, nobody knew much about Kenyans here, but now this club has a fan base and people come to cheer us on.’

Ngurugwe added: ‘We started growing and getting more people involved. We started to realise we had a very good environment for football and looked at moving things forward. We decided to create a club.’

Their breakthrough came in 2014 when they took part in the Qatar Foundation Semi-Pro Football Cup and made it all the way to the quarter finals.

John said: ‘That made us think: ‘Yes, we can go far’. It was amazing when we realised we can win’.

The team went on to xem bong da truc tuyen compete in Ramadan tournaments, the African Nations Cup in Qatar, the

Embassy Cup and – eventually – the Qatar Community Football League (QCFL), which was founded in 2017 and is sponsored by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) – the organization responsible for delivering the infrastructure and legacy required for the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022.

“It’s  really a tough league but we have been able to survive for the past three seasons.”

FC Kenya has raised its captain’s profile to such an extent that he was asked to be the focal point for the local Kenyan community in dealings with the SC.

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