Tujhse Hai Raabta update, November 1

The most recent scene of Tujhse Hai Raabta starts with Kalyani preventing Malhar from consuming the record which is a piece of information for 26th July. She says that she heard Anupriya mumbling in her rest about the vehicle number MH Boss and says this can be identified with the case.

Kalyani takes Raju’s number( the proprietor of the carport) and reveals to Malhar that they can follow the number. Malhar asks Pawar to do likewise Tujhse Hai Raabta. Malhar reveals to Kalyani that she won’t land the position as she hasn’t found any strong intimation. Kalyani says that despite everything she has 6 hours to demonstrate her mom’s honesty. Kalyani demands Anupriya to recall about MH Boss.

Anupriya says that she is making a decent attempt however can’t recall that anything. Kalyani says that it is significant for her to know the association between the number plate and the case. Asawari caught their discussion. Kalyani sees Asawari remaining outside the window. She says that she was simply passing by and heard Anupriya yelling. Kalyani reveals to her that there is nothing to stress over. Kalyani brings Diwali presents for everybody from her well deserved cash. Madhav asks Kalyani from where did she get the cash. Kalyani deceives him saying that she works at a call-focus.

Madhav discards his blessing and criticizes Kalyani for taking up an occupation being a little girl in-law of the Rane family. Malhar comes in her help and says that she underpins Kalyani’s choice of working and he imagines that Kalyani can accomplish enormous things throughout her life. Swara additionally bolsters her and asks Kalyani that what did she purchase for her. Asawari reveals to Ahir that Kalyani has got her hands on solid proof and they should watch out for her. Kalyani then calls Raju and approaches him to discover that for whom did he make that number plate. Ahir and Asawari caught this. Asawari then draws in Kalyani in some work with the goal that she doesn’t discover the intimation for 26th July.