Product Padlock – 10 Reasons To Protect Your Digital Assets

If you sell digital products online and haven’t considered anti-theft software, then you should look into Product Padlock. Product Padlock was designed by Armand Morin, a mutli-million dollar internet marketer. It was designed with the internet marketer in mind.

You see, every year millions of dollars of internet sales are lost due to online piracy. As many as 52% of internet users believe that it is OK Zima to share files online. That’s a large population of people that would have no qualms with sharing your product and at the same time robbing you of a sale.

It’s time to take back control of who gets access to the products you have spent time and money to develop.

Product Padlock offers many benefits to you in terms of anti-piracy:

1. Unlimited product: You can secure as many products as you have.

2. Many types of files: You can lock pdfs, word files, audios, videos. Basically any type of product you could sell.

3. Easy to use: Product Padlock was designed so that anyone, even the biggest technophobes, can easily use. If you know how to save a file, you can use product padlock.

4. Prevent sharing: User licenses are linked to their IP address and therefore, access codes cannot be shared with others. This is better than just a password because it only work on one computer.

5. Lock out refunds: If a customer asks for a refund, you can deny them the access to the files. All with a single click of the mouse. Too bad for those compulsive refunders.

6. Track the usage of your product: Product Padlock also allows you to keep track of how many times your product is used per license.

7. Easy integration: It doesn’t matter whether you use clickbank, paypal or 1shoppingcart, Product Padlock easily integrated with most online payment platform.

8. Increase sales: By preventing the sharing of your products, you are also assuring more sales of it. If users really want access to your products, they will have to buy it.

9. Inexpensive solution: The service cost less than a dollar a day. If you sell a 97$ product, then you would only need to make 4 extra sales to pay for the service. Since people can’t share your products, you will easily make that back and more.

10. 1$ Trial: Don’t take my word for it, visit the site to see a video of Product Padlock in action and try it for 1$ for the first month. You’ll see that it offers the best solution for prevent digital theft.

When you consider the amount of people that carelessly share files amongst each other, you also have to consider the amount of sales that are lost through piracy. File sharing, torrents and P2P are very popular and once your product turns up on one or more of them, it nearly impossible to remove it. Take action before it’s too late and protect your assets from being freely distributed. You would pay for car of home insurance, then why would you insure the maximum amount of revenue from the sales of your products.


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