SEO Copywriting: Definitive guide for writing persuasive texts and with good SEO

Have you heard about SEO Copywriting? It is the art of combining persuasive writing, known as Copywriting, and the SEO basics applied to the content of a Web page. In this way we manage to make both the readers of the Web and the web browsers like Google fall in love at the same time. That’s possible? Of course and today we will see how to achieve it.

As you probably already know, SEO consists of a set of strategies to optimize a Web and get search engines to find it and assign it a good positioning.In the case of SEO Copywriting, many understand this new concept as SEO to position the contents of the Web, but this is not entirely true. In fact, that is the cold and discouraging interpretation from which I want to help you escape.

The SEO Copywriting is not that “calculator” is rather a much more natural idea, which considers the user experience and focuses on creating reliable useful content, attractive and that will please users and help the seeker Give answers to your audience for a particular search. It’s as simple as focusing on writing thinking about people, rather than the search engine.

SEO Copywriting is not another technique of Black Hat SEO as many have perceived it, but it is the perfect formula to give Google what it wants, without having to incur in pitfalls or unethical strategies.

And best of all: Implementing it is very easy! Although it is true that for this you require copywriting skills. If your thing is not to write texts that hook, it will be more difficult to write texts with good SEO Copywriting and, for those cases, I comment that from GSS Webtech we offer SEO services , which include the writing of contents and texts for your Web, applying all SEO Copywriting techniques that I will detail today in this post. If you want to know more about these services, contact us and Together we will make your users and Google fall in love with your super-Web!

And leaving the presentations, in this guide I leave you practical tips so you know how to apply SEO Copywriting correctly and not die or get bored in the attempt!

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is understood as a set of techniques and strategies, which are applied when writing the texts of a Web page, considering both the techniques of Copywriting or persuasive writing, and the optimization of these for Internet search engines (SEO).

The objective of SEO Copywriting is to get more visits from Web search engines by creating content that users also like.

Now, it is not as simple nor as frivolous as it sounds; the true concept of SEO Copywriting appeared to teach that content should be focused on people. In this way, writing for SEO became more related to the user experience (UX) than to “like” Google and other Web search engines.

It is not about ignoring the importance of pure and technical SEO, but of giving priority to the user, to the reader of your content on the Web, because in the end it is the people who are going to comment on your Web, which is going to buy your services and the one that looks for you to find answers on a particular topic or niche.

Because, after all, we must understand that search engines are only there to locate you and propose you as a possible response to what the user is looking for.

Google evaluates whether the content of your website is experience, attractive and reliable, that is, of value for the future user.

At this point I would like to clarify that I do not want to detract from the technical SEO, it would be imprudent to do so! In addition in GSS Webtech we also dedicate ourselves to this type of SEO! But I prefer to focus on how advantageous it is to create experience content, attractive, reliable for search engines. Google has revealed that it evaluates these three factors when browsing the contents to decide if it is of real value to the user. So how to ignore it? Better to start adapting to it!

In my opinion, at this point a lot is known about SEO and its fundamental role in positioning a Web, but the importance of quality content needs to be reinforced; Today you will learn this and so it will be easier for you to understand the true essence of writing really well-adapted text in SEO.

Conquer and position your website on top of Google!

Without trap or cardboard; we develop realistic web positioning (SEO) campaigns on Google and other search engines, with our feet on the ground, faithful to the profile of your company and with results that give results.

SEO Copywriting tips for writing for SEO

Start with keyword research

It is normal to have mental gaps when creating new content; a good strategy to find ideas is to do a keyword or keyword research.

By researching the key words or phrases, you will know what search volume has a certain word or what the most popular terms are in your niche.

This step is key to SEO as it is known, and it would not be less relevant when it comes to having to get your best Copywriting skills on stage.

Google Kewword Planner or SemRush are very useful tools to find the perfect keywords.

If you leave from here, you can better channel your ideas.


Leave keyword density aside

Concern about keyword density is a thing of the past; Search engines are increasingly intelligent and value real, natural and simple language texts, so you should not focus on saturating your content with keywords to try to find search engines.

This type of practice is considered Black Hat SEO and is penalized. Today it is of greater value that the text is useful for the user, so it helps you make use of related keywords, their variants, synonyms and longtail keywords or long tail keywords.

Remember, you will not write SEO text for robots! All in moderation. I send you a direct message: if you do good Copywriting, you will not need to fill in your texts with keywords everywhere; you will make these flow naturally throughout the writing. If so, bravo!

Plan the structure of your content

As in any project, planning is very important. You must perceive the content of your website as a new blank project to which you must devote time and in which planning a structure becomes indispensable.

Without a doubt, the first thing is to know what to write about ; Organize the keywords you researched and create a map of ideas where you can write down the most relevant points that are broken down from the chosen words.

Order each point and start writing. In general, it is more efficient to start explaining those points that are easier for the user to understand and progressively move on to the most difficult ones.

Texts with clear and well thought out structures get more conversions.

Consider the level of knowledge of your audience

Defining the level of knowledge your audience has will give you an advantage when writing your content; The best example I can give you is when a person goes to the doctor and he uses ‘strange’ terms (which that person obviously does not understand and should not) to give him a diagnosis of his health.

How does the person feel? If you are a doctor, there will be no problem! But the fact is that most people are not.With this, I just try to explain to you that you must clearly communicate the message or information, without people having to feel confused.

Evaluate your audience and prepare the contents so that they can understand them. What kind of audience do you have? Are they neophytes (beginners) in the theme or product you present? Is it about veterans? Is it a varied audience? Evaluate your audience and then define the tone and type of writing that is most convenient for you to use.

Create titles that attract

The title is like the cover letter of your content; the more attractive and persuasive it is, the more users you will attract and the better positioning in Web search engines.

It is necessary that in the title of the content you include the keywords you want to position, basic aspect of SEO, but without looking like a robotic phrase. The goal is to invite the user to want to read all the information that follows the title.

According to several studies, headlines with numbers and questions in them seem to be more attractive to the reader, so consider these tips when writing a well-accomplished title at the level of SEO Copywriting.

Of course, no tricks. You must give the reader what he expects to find according to the owner that you have “sold.” Nothing much noise and few nuts! Each disappointed user leaves a bitter taste that is hard to recover from.

Stay informed about the most popular headlines

As I told you, the title of your writing is essential to gain more traffic and arouse the curiosity of the public, but you must stay updated about the titles that are most sought so that you can hit the spot when creating your own.

Investigating which headlines get higher clicks is a good starting point, and you can help with tools like BuzzSumo . With BuzzSumo for example, you select the social platform or network, or the Web in general, and the software will throw you statistical data where it reveals what type of phrases are most used to search a given site.

Some phrases such as ‘ X reasons why …’, ‘ X things that you …’, ‘ this is what …’, lead searches on social networks like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, for example. Take advantage of this information, and start writing!

Take time for your introduction

Just as the title is a powerful hook for the public, so is the introduction, as it is the next thing he will read.

Creating a fun introduction that invites you to continue reading, asking the user questions and telling him why it is important for him to read that content can help you stand out from your competition.

What is offered to the reader? What problem will help you solve? What will teach him? These are some of the questions you can answer in the introduction. Use concise and clear sentences to achieve this goal and try to establish a close relationship with your audience.


Create digestible content

Digestible content? How do you eat that? The digestible content is one that is readable and easy to read.

How to achieve it? Making use of subtitles, short paragraphs, and numberings and bullet points!

The subtitles will not only help you better organize content, but is a way to make the text lighter and more attractive to be read; In addition, they have the ability to communicate clearly with search engines.

Very long texts are annoying for everyone, so statistics show that they are abandoned very quickly; this translates into a bounce rate that will not be funny. It will negatively affect your SEO without any doubt!

You can make short paragraphs, of 2 or 3 lines, or maximum 4 to make the information more readable to your audience, and as soon as it seems convenient, use bullets and numbering to give more air to the text.

Focus your language on the ‘you / you’ of the reader

The type and tone of the language you implement has the power to attract more audience or move away from what you already have; Focusing your language towards a more enjoyable, friendly and close text will help you connect better with people and will be more useful for explaining your ideas without much detour.

It is not about being impertinent when writing or doing it with a low level, at all; You can (and should) write content of the highest quality, and even explaining complex terms, but maintaining a close and not very technical language.

Use ‘ you ‘ and’u ‘ in the phrases so that people identify with the ideas you raise and with your business. Making use of these short monosyllables is a way of focusing on people’s problems and needs, rather than on the product you are trying to sell or on your positioning in Web search engines such as Google.

It is a good time for you to answer this: Do the contents of my website have a close language? Or have I had a cold and distant language with my audience? Then you can give me the answer!

Enthusiasts the reader with an active voice

Show enthusiasm when writing texts from the Web is key in SEO Copywriting, because it will convey this emotion to your readers, so it will be great to have an active, persuasive voice that speaks with conviction and throws to the public.

Of course, it is not about having an arrogant or superior tone, but about showing the best characteristics of your business actively and with conviction. After all, who believes in someone who does not believe in himself?

Enrich your vocabulary with verbs and adjectives

To be fair, I must recognize that SEO Copywriting is not always easy to carry, especially as far as ideas and vocabulary are concerned.If you go through moments when you cannot change your writing, and only use the same phrases, take a break and then try to include more verbs and adjectives in your vocabulary; Using these types of words as synonyms in certain sentences can give your writing a better look and will give you that “touch” of light that you have been looking for.

Fortunately you can use the internet for this, which makes it even easier to implement this simple writing technique.Using stronger and more forceful words is also very helpful, so give your writings a positive change by replacing weak verbs with more energetic and categorical ones, which is one of the many common mistakes when writing content for the Web.

It includes calls to action that are effective

The call to action or CTA (Call to Action) is like the last card you play when writing texts for SEO; It is not unimportant, but it is like the last chance you have to finish a writing to persuade the user or motivate them to perform a specific action.Clearly, you are in charge of showing them the direction you want them to follow.As it is another opportunity to establish a relationship with the public, it is important that you strive to create an effective CTA.

Basically, a good CTA should use strong verbs, speak to the reader directly and encourage him to share the publication, subscribe, leave his comments or make a purchase. This will depend on the purpose of your website.

Conclude your text with phrases that impact the reader

The conclusion of a post is no less important than the introduction, in which I already told you that you should dedicate time and heart.In the same way, you have to do it with your final sentences because these are the last image that the reader will take from the content that you have presented.

In a good conclusion, the main idea of ​​the text is reinforced, it is encouraged that it puts into practice the information provided and questions can be left on the air to make a final approach to the reader and establish a friendship bond.If you manage to integrate all these aspects into the same conclusion, SEO Copywriting will be a piece of cake for you.

Check the spelling and grammar of your texts

Although this should be something logical at this point, it is worth remembering that whenever you finish writing texts for your website, it is essential to have a final revision , because when writing we miss some detail related to spelling and grammar.If there are misspellings on your website, people will soon not want to continue reading, because who trusts in a business that doesn’t even take the time to write well?

Have you seen a Best Seller with spelling errors? Nobel prizes for literature would be offended! Before you cause headaches for that forgotten accent, that comma that changes the whole intention of the sentence or, the ‘very common unfinished phrases’, better give one more pass to the writing.

Includes external links to sites that have authority

The backlinks or external links are very important when Google rank a Web, so it is a point that could not be overlooked when writing texts for the Web using the SEO Copywriting.

However, there is much abuse of this technique and people strive to create external links to any site without even realizing its authority.

My best advice is that you do not fall into this SEO trap, but that you include a good amount of external links in your writings, provided that these are relevant to the topic you are talking about , extend the information to the user and the site enjoys good reputation.

This technique not only improves your SEO and provides a more optimal user experience, but it is a perfect scenario to establish relationships with those sites and so later they could also link their audience to you. Having backlinks on your website makes you look more convincingly reliable in front of people.

Do not forget the internal links

The internal or link building links improve the user experience, so you should not forget them; in turn, they add value to the search engines and allow you to promote other texts of your blog or Web.

SEO copywriting will not be at its peak of efficiency if you neglect internal linking.

Of course, no links to link; choose very well those contents that are actually suitable for the user and that provide more help.

Meta descriptions also matter

The Meta description is that short description that the search engine shows when it returns the results on the results page (SERP). This is very helpful for you if you create interesting, clear and attractive Meta descriptions.

If you do not create them, the search engine will generate them automatically, but who guarantees that this is positive for your website? Do not leave it to the fate of Google!

Become Visible! Start climbing positions on Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google or other Internet search engines?

Conclusion: SEO Copywriting goes beyond writing for Google

I think the most effective approach that I can leave you in this post is that you understand that SEO Copywriting is not summarized in SEO techniques to position content or in optimizing texts for search engines, but that its first objective is to provide an optimal experience. To the user through SEO texts that add value, answer questions and are useful to the public.

True SEO copywriting points to more natural content, simple to understand and readable; It is not about big phrases or inflated concepts, but about clear and easily digestible sentences.Organize your content well, pay attention to spelling and grammar, research the keywords and maintain a close language that points directly to the user, should be the most interesting aspects that you can start applying from today.

Be patient, ‘ long way, short step’; you don’t have to create perfect SEO texts on the first attempt, rather the practice and experience will show you how to improve every day.

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